For the German people?

“The Germans are not a country of personal responsibility,” I heard from former racing driver and entrepreneur Thomas Bscher on television a few days ago. Maybe he’s right…”

Welcome to the new world

“A project developer friend of mine recently told me that his takeaway from this difficult time was that greed should never eat your brains again…”


Since October 7th of this year nothing has been the same. As if under a magnifying glass, the crimes of Hamas and the jubilant demonstrations of their fans clearly show us our own mistakes.

When will the interest rate turnaround come?

The enormous need for apartments in Germany will only cause rents to rise in one direction – upwards – for the foreseeable future. That alone makes investing in solid, moderately rented residential complexes interesting again.

RHE sells a residential complex in Neuseddin near Potsdam

“About a year ago we were commissioned by the investor to specifically search for apartment buildings in the Potsdam region. We are pleased that we have found what we were looking for for our client for the second time with this placement”

RHE sells a new residential complex in the capital

“A highly professional due diligence and a timely closing, we congratulate M&G on the acquisition of this excellent property. The great demand for apartments in Berlin will ensure very stable income here”

RHE Grundbesitz sells light industrial property in Berlin

The decisive factors for the purchase decision were the good location on the edge of the city center, the transport connections and the infrastructure of the nearby area. The quality of the tenant also played a crucial role in the current challenging times…

RHE Immobilien sells a Wilhelminian residential building in Oranienburg

Real estate is still being purchased in the so-called suburbs around the capital. The Berlin investment brokerage house RHE Grundimmobilien is currently reporting a successful deal in Oranienburg, a district town with around 50,000 inhabitants just a few kilometers north of Berlin.