Welcome to the new world

If we look back at the end of 2023, we see that more than a decade of rising real estate prices have compensated for most of the entrepreneurial errors. Wrong decisions only had a short-term impact, if at all. Historically low interest rates fueled business like never before. A sense of proportion and moderation? Barely. Many players in the market had never experienced a crisis.

That time is now over. Mistakes were and are punished harshly. With us brokers, if we didn’t price the property correctly or chose the wrong marketing strategy. With the property owners who have not recognized offers that are in line with the market as such because they do not achieve the desired result.

“A project developer friend of mine recently told me that his takeaway from this difficult time was that greed should never eat your brains again. If you have a purchase offer that beats all others, you usually have a good offer and therefore achieved the best result. This sentence impressed me, obviously a real entrepreneur who learns from his mistakes and remembers the old principles of honorable businessmen: that what ultimately counts is honesty, reliability and integrity. That a handshake counts. And that your own credibility and reputation always come before increasing your profits.”

Yours warmly

Delano Kyles

CEO & Partner

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