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‘So? No more German life lies. Because we are of course not a country of ne’er-do-wells and guardians of virtue. When we look back at our traditions, the cultural treasures and achievements of our country, there are a few things that we can look back on with pride and that connect us as a nation’

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MIPIM 2024 #RHEcap

‘Residential real estate will improve on the investment market, and the first banks are announcing that they want to do new business again’

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‘In any case, clear thinking will not be any easier in the emerging marijuana fog and critical questions about climate and migration policy will probably not be welcome in the future either’

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QUO VADIS 2024 #RHEcap

‘I see only a comparatively short window of time in which you can invest ‘almost’ without competition. That is likely to change significantly in just a few months’

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