QUO VADIS 2024 #RHEcap

The real estate industry meeting, QuoVadis, was also interesting this year and had some top-class participants. In a still difficult environment, positive voices could be heard, even without the interest rate cuts hoped for this year, which are rather timid and small anyway and will probably not be a game changer. After all, prices for residential real estate have probably bottomed out; prices here are cheaper than they have been for a long time. And while domestic interested parties are still cultivating their “German fear”, foreign investors – mostly from Anglo-Saxon countries – are already positioning themselves. This is understandable, because there will be a shortage of hundreds of thousands of apartments in Germany in the foreseeable future, with the result that rents will initially only go in one direction, namely upwards. Office properties remain difficult overall; cherry-picking is the order of the day, core and prime locations are preferred. This can ensure that rents in CBD locations recover. Buildings in secondary locations, on the other hand, can see prices fall even further – or need new ideas, usage concepts and money for renovation and energy upgrades. So: The time to get back into residential real estate has come, THE TIME IS NOW.

I see only a comparatively short window of time in which you can invest ‘almost’ without competition. That is likely to change significantly in just a few months. Please feel free to contact me, we at RHE see ourselves as real consultants. Together with you, we define the strategy for your investments – ‘hand-sewn’, exclusive & off market.

Delano Kyles · CEO & Managing Partner

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