Since October 7th of this year nothing has been the same. As if under a magnifying glass, the crimes of Hamas and the jubilant demonstrations of their fans clearly show us our own mistakes.

For years, political correctness wanted us to think that all positions, beliefs and ways of life deserve equal respect. So we opened the doors wide and let people into our country who have their own, completely different values. The constant media fire for social justice, relativization and attempts to reverse guilt in the event of failed integration with the constant references to racism and lack of participation have softened us so much over the years that we no longer wanted to acknowledge the danger of imported extremism.

Today, however, the entire rejection of our culture is evident on our streets with religious fervor, fanaticism and an almost unbelievable hatred of Israel. Let’s not kid ourselves: the hatred of Israel and its Jewish population is also a hatred of our Western way of life, of us. The waving of the Palestinian flag on the baroque Neptune Fountain at Alexanderplatz appears like the triumph of the new culture against the backdrop of a vanished country. The taxpayer who finances citizens’ money will probably feel like an exploited slave in their own country when they see this.

We have become weak, self-hatred, cowardice and excessive prosperity with gifts to the whole world have made us easy opponents for our enemies. But we have to realize today that money can’t buy you friends. On the contrary, the recipients make fun of themselves when in doubt: Stupid German Money.

After all, what was considered unspeakable or “right-wing” just a few weeks ago has now become sayable across almost all parties in political Berlin. After more than ten years, the statements by the once fiercely hostile Berlin Senator for the Interior, Sarrazin, on problematic immigration and the growing underclass appear almost prophetic.

Ultimately, the values ​​of the Enlightenment are like football. It only works if everyone plays by the same rules. The political leadership of our country must therefore ask itself the following questions: Are we prepared to show strength and, if necessary, enforce the rules and principles of our liberal constitutional state with the state monopoly of force? Are we prepared to throw the enemies of our democracy who are not German citizens out of the country? Do we really want to prevent the widespread abuse of the right to asylum and thereby transform uncontrolled into regulated immigration? And will we now use the almost 1 trillion (!) euros in annual tax money primarily for our own citizens and for the modernization of the country in order to be competitive and defensive against external and internal enemies again?

Germany is a construction site, but it is not too late yet.


Ernst-M. Ehrenkönig

CEO & Managing Partner

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