Change through enthusiasm

Even the end of the Middle Ages was no time for the faint of heart. Preachers like the influential Italian Girolamo Savonarola therefore already predicted the end of the old world, conveniently for the year 1500, which was probably easy to remember at the time…


We are at the fair today and tomorrow looking forward to exchanging ideas with institutional investors and colleagues.


We look forward to interesting discussions at the high-calibre GRI Club FFM 2023.

RHEdeal in Berlin-Mitte!

We and our customers are very happy about this sales success. It shows that even in these special times, the really good locations are still in demand

When the end justifies the means

Or rather “the end justifies the means”, because this sentence is attributed to the Italian state philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli, who lived in Florence in the 15th century. And in fact there was hardly a thinker in the history of philosophy who analyzed the advantages of lies, intrigues and staged virtue on the part of the rulers with such openness, sincerity and impertinence as he did.

4 days at the MIPIM®

Many conversations full of strength and good thoughts at 15 degrees in the shade and blue sky over the Côte d’Azur…

Education for a better life

I recently suggested to my son’s school administration that they simply collect the students’ smartphones before class and only hand them back over after school …