RHEview July 2024

“If you want to drive a prosperous country into the wall economically, then open the borders and cut off its energy supply.” This drastic statement describes the development of Germany under the traffic light government. The country has been led into a crisis that many consider unprecedented. A divided leadership and the resulting uncertainties have shaken confidence in a positive turnaround.

Although an agreement was reached in the budget dispute, there is still concern that the misery will only be managed until the new elections in September next year. The resignation of those responsible as a sign of political decency is apparently unthinkable in today’s world. Instead, we are seeing a “business as usual” attitude, clinging to power, and increasingly self-centered political actors are expanding their pension entitlements.

This negative development is also reflected in the real estate industry. Instead of transparent communication, tactics and withholding information dominate. Competitors are played off against each other, there is hardly any opportunity to react to new situations and at least save face. The classic “win-win” has become rare, and often leaves a stale aftertaste.

As a 35-year-old real estate agent, I don’t think much of such methods. For me, honesty and value-oriented behavior are not outdated concepts, but essential principles of commercial action. It is especially in difficult times that we show how much we stand by our ethical principles. A deal where I can’t keep my word is not a deal for me.

Honesty and value-oriented action not only promote character, but also profitability in the long term. The saying “honesty is the best policy” has not lost its validity. It stands for a practice that creates trust and brings stability – both in politics and in business. It is time to put these values ​​back in the foreground and act accordingly.

Delano Kyles · CEO & Managing Partner

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