If you don’t want to change anything, you’re looking for reasons, that’s what I thought when I heard our Minister of the Interior attribute the murder of 20-year-old Philippos in the spa gardens in Bad Oeynhausen to “failed social integration”.

Young people in Germany have long since recognised this kind of cold denial of reality and are therefore voting right-wing. More and more people with a so-called migrant background who have lived in our country for years are doing the same. “After the police officer was murdered in Mannheim, my family and many of our friends voted AfD,” a young Turkish woman with German nationality who works in the public sector and earns a little extra money at the weekend with a job in retail told me. If things continue like this, she says, we will soon be lumped together with criminal migrants, and that after decades of peaceful coexistence. Only the AfD is believed to really want to change this catastrophic immigration policy, the others are not believed. “How do you feel as Germans when you have to look at all this?” she asked me.

In fact, in view of the daily violence on our streets, we are now faced with the ruins of a migration policy that began under Merkel and was continued by the red-green coalition. Public rallies calling for a caliphate, imported anti-Semitism and the open sympathy for it in politically left-wing organizations, along with the simultaneous threat to our Jewish fellow citizens, have already become Germany’s disgrace. Too many people who are not familiar with the behavioral barriers of a Western civil society now live here; we support them and act according to archaic patterns. Judgements are made according to their own values; “justice” is created by oneself.

We cannot catch most of these people; their socialization has already taken place in the violent countries of origin. In the German capital, violent crime is now male, young and migrant, said the Berlin police chief in June 2024. Once fleeing from it, these people have now brought the violence to us. For a long time, however, the vast majority of the population no longer trusts the political leadership of our country to solve these problems. The government itself is now the problem; it is naive and out of touch with reality and is trying to downplay the situation. Instead of admitting mistakes and drawing real conclusions from them, people are clinging to ideology, power and well-paid positions. The oath that our ministers took when they took office is: “I swear that I will dedicate my strength to the well-being of the German people, increase their benefits, avert harm from them, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the laws of the federal government, fulfill my duties conscientiously and practice justice towards everyone.”

Is this government committing perjury every day and thus becoming the AfD’s biggest supporter? What do you think? I think that integration is also the duty of everyone who seeks protection from us. And the true and only legitimate pull factor of our society is OUR set of values, which we can be proud of and which is non-negotiable.

In this sense

Ernst-M. Ehrenkönig · CEO & Managing Partner

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