MIPIM 2024 #RHEcap

This March, MIPIM in Cannes once again attracted real estate players from all over the world.

Not as numerous as last year, with less partying and significantly fewer boats. There were hardly any reasons to celebrate the last 12 months. When the weather was nice, the participants pushed themselves all the more outside from the empty halls. Inspired by the sun of the Côte d’Azur, there were meaningful conversations that I perceived as open, honest and, above all, constructive. Conversations with people who want to make a difference, who know that burying their heads in the sand doesn’t help.

There will continue to be uncertainties and risks. The banks have their issues with devaluations and NPLs. But the prospect of slightly falling interest rates in the next few months alone sent a positive signal. Foreign investors, who are known to act countercyclically, continue to see Germany as a reliable investment destination.

Residential real estate will improve on the investment market, and the first banks are announcing that they want to do new business again.

Family offices remain the important players here. Prices in this asset class have reached roughly the same level as in 2016, which, together with the housing shortage and rising rents, makes them an interesting investment opportunity again.

Delano Kyles

CEO & Managing Partner

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