For the German people?

They want so much, they can do so little and they are demanding more and more money,” I read recently and hardly a sentence could better describe the government’s policy of the last two years. Regardless of the 16 meter wide inscription above the west portal of our parliament building ‘Dem deutschen Volke’ (For the German people) two small parties have been driving Germany forward for 24 months. The consequences of their policy of saving the world and open borders are increasingly directed against the population born in their own country and against those who have long since “arrived” with us, who work here and respect our culture and our values.

While in September 2021 the Red-Green Party was able to jubilantly occupy the political vacuum left behind by a disoriented and disoriented CDU, by the end of 2023 the decline in the country is visible everywhere. Whether in the health or education system, public infrastructure or digitalization, internal or external security, there are serious grievances in almost all areas. There is a lack of professional leadership, structure and of course money. No wonder, the state’s social spending has exploded and is estimated at almost 40% (!) of the total budget for the coming year. At the same time, asylum policy and uncontrolled migration have fueled a housing shortage that is increasingly becoming a social explosive.

At the same time, billions of euros of taxpayers’ money are distributed as development aid all over the world, often to countries and organizations that despise our way of life or are hostile to us. The huge tunnel system built by the terrorist organization Hamas over the years proves how little control we have over the use of our tax resources. Open anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews on our streets and at our universities show that the preachers of post-colonialism, by glorifying migration, have created a Trojan horse for the enemies of our democracy. Wearing the kippah on German streets has been dangerous for some time, and a travel warning to Germany has been in effect for Israelis since the beginning of December.

While more and more medium-sized entrepreneurs want to leave this country, the state and administration are creating more and more work for themselves. The family service for the payment of basic child benefits is to get thousands of new full-time positions. Fewer and fewer people are working in the private sector, and more and more people are not working at all. In the coming year, citizens will be able to freely choose their gender, but they will no longer be able to choose the heating in the basement.

But the political leadership seems undeterred; they apparently do not want to accept that nothing in their concept fits together anymore. That doesn’t surprise me, for too long people have been able to bend reality to fit their own world in a bubble of supporters, courting media and favorites, constantly shifting what can be said and building a “firewall” against the AfD, which is also the result – what a fateful one Irony – became the second strongest party in Germany.

We suspect what every second person in the country is already expecting: the system is coming to an end and there could soon be new elections. Anyone in the government, parties and related organizations who has the opportunity to do so will try to get as much out of it as possible before he or she disappears into the no man’s land of pension posts with a pension or severance pay.

So two years is two years too many with people in political responsibility who don’t want or even despise what the majority in this country believes is right: individual freedom, personal responsibility and prosperity. A state that focuses on its core tasks and fulfills these primarily for its own citizens. Who makes a promise of prosperity. Not as a guarantee for everyone, but as a promise of opportunities for its citizens. He also demands where he promotes. Which effectively limits the right to asylum to those who are actually fleeing war or violence. Which ensures internal and external security. Who ensures an affordable energy supply and brings the existing nuclear power plants back online and builds new ones. That promotes medium-sized businesses and makes Germany an interesting location for companies and investments again. Who sees a dynamically growing economy not as a contradiction, but as a prerequisite for successful environmental and climate protection.

For everyone who sees it that way, the time for remaining silent and looking away is over. “The Germans are not a country of personal responsibility,” I heard from former racing driver and entrepreneur Thomas Bscher on television a few days ago. Maybe he’s right. And if not, we may be able to prove the opposite in the new year.

I wish you all health, success and happiness in life. Stay alert.

Kind regards,

Ernst-M. Ehrenkönig
CEO & Managing Partner

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