The golden autumn – Time to RHEinvest

Dear business friends,

A sunny late summer makes hearts beat faster before golden autumn is just around the corner.

Falling prices on the real estate market have now ensured that there are interesting buying opportunities in almost all locations and asset classes.

The general conditions also appear to have improved, the rise in interest rates has lost momentum and may soon reach its peak.

A revised building energy law is now much more owner-friendly, and tradesmen have time again for offers and orders and the urgently needed new construction of apartments is to be funded for 6 years from October 1st of the year via a 6% depreciation on the investment costs.

Autumn could be a good time to buy and we are here for you, well connected, with exciting offers and whenever possible – exclusive and off-market.

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours warmly

Leonard Rieck / partner

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