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Before every brokerage order there is always a trust-building conversation with the owner – about the purchase price, the way in which the customer is approached, the duration and the quality of the order.

I always hear that you don’t want to be tied to an agent for too long because you’ve had bad experiences with a long order in the past.

These cases were often preceded by uncontrolled marketing attempts by several agents and the owner had already lost track of the price at which each agent was offering his property. As a result, the property was almost “burnt” on the market.

A fatal development that can be avoided with a dedicated, professional advisor at the owner’s side.

The days of mass mailings to potential customers are definitely over today.
An in-depth analysis and evaluation of the property, the identification of possible deal breakers, the identification of potential buyers and preparation for possible questions from investors have become essential for successful brokerage.

Without quality in preparation and customer contact, nothing works and this quality requires the exclusivity of the order to a competent agent who accompanies the marketing and transaction from A to Z – and in the end rightly earns the best currency in the world: the trust of his clients and customers.

Best regards,
Delano Kyles
CEO & Managing Partner

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