No Luck. All Hustle.

c Have I done something wrong in the last few years, I thought, because real estate agents who take their work seriously always had to be diligent.

Analyzing the real estate market at its different locations for the individual asset classes, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each property, deriving the opportunities and risks for the investment from this, putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, understanding his individual investment goals – looking at the commitment through his glasses, so to speak – at least we don’t know that any other way. And real mediation does not only mean advice on an investment decision; on the seller side, too, it is often about strategic considerations, e.g. when cleaning up real estate portfolios.

Is it a good time to sell or buy right now? In view of falling prices in a changed “buyer’s market”, the careful selection of the right property at the “right”, i.e. marketable price, remains THE task for the professional broker.

“As an investment boutique, we have to choose our offer, our “goods”, even more carefully and believe in it even more. Because quality will always pay off in the end.”

Delano Kyles / CEO & Partner

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