€360 million semi-annual RHEport 2023

The owner-managed investment brokerage house RHE Grundbesitz from Berlin reports a transaction volume of around €360 million for the first half of 2023.

Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of 300%.

Expressed in square meters: the team from Koenigsallee in Grunewald successfully placed around 125,000 m² of living/usable space in new hands throughout Germany. The buyers of the properties, which are mainly located in A and B cities, were private, commercial and institutional investors, with the bank-independent family offices representing by far the largest group of buyers at 85%.
The proportion of residential properties used primarily for residential purposes was around 80%.

“While the majority of investors are still reluctant to buy, we are observing that that the ideas of sellers and buyers are slowly converging, the range of marketable real estate is gradually increasing.

The high-net-worth investors in particular show a lasting interest in value-preserving investments in the good micro-locations of large cities and are thus ultimately protecting themselves against inflation.”

The management of RHE Grundbesitz is optimistic about the second half of the current year.

“The €700 million transactions of the last 18 months have brought us even closer to our clients, pure brokerage is increasingly becoming strategic advice for buying, selling and portfolio development.

There is this clearly increased quality requirement for the property and the agent, a challenge that we are happy to face,” says Delano Kyles, CEO & managing partner of RHE.


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