As an investor, owning property offers you many interesting opportunities. These range from classic letting models to creating owner-occupied apartments by dividing up a property, and include project development, for example, for new building construction, conversions or the refurbishment of existing property. In addition, with real estate prices on the rise in many areas, selling at a future date also presents an attractive option.

Our portfolio offers you a select choice of high-yield investment properties from classic apartment blocks to residential complexes, office buildings, business premises and building plots for development.

We can not only arrange purchases of residential and commercial real estate in Berlin, Germany’s capital city, but also in other large cities in Germany such as Hamburg, Munich and Dresden.

We will be happy to advise on all questions relating to your real estate investment. You can contact us here.
The portfolio of properties we offer is designed specifically to serve capital investment. Whether you are interested in commercial or residential property, the present and future yield is always the key factor in any decision to buy. Our services can help you realise your goals of increasing capital productivity.
When purchasing property, the perfect location is crucial. We can provide the best possible location tailored to your investment or development project. Thanks to our expertise, we can guide you through the process of selecting the right real estate. For a first impression of our services, just click on Featured Properties and References.
The classic pre-war apartment houses, with their much sought-after Altbau apartments with high ceilings impressively decorated with stucco, are an essential feature of Berlin’s cityscape. In the right location, a pre-war apartment house offers an ideal capital investment. But looks are not everything - the figures have to add up as well. Just call us or email – we are sure to have a suitable property for you!

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